Philadelphia Judo Club – Love Judo Patch

Philadelphia Judo Club Love Judo Patch: Display your judo spirit. 26% cotton, 74% poly; 3″x3″. Iron, sew, or pin. Make every technique count.



Philadelphia Judo Club – Love Judo Patch: Elevate your gear with an emblem that resonates as deeply as a masterful Ouchi Gari. Embroidered with passion, this square patch symbolizes the heart and tradition of judo. Whether it’s on your gi or daily carry, declare your judo dedication to the world.

• Skillfully crafted from a blend of 26% cotton and a resilient 74% polyester
• Measures a sharp 3″ x 3″ (7.6 cm x 7.6 cm) – perfectly sized to stand out
• Versatile attachment options: Iron for a swift transition like Nage Waza, sew for the commitment of a Ne Waza hold, or pin for on-the-go adaptability.

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