Philadelphia Judo Club – Drawstring Bag

Philadelphia Judo Club Bag: Carry your gear with the flair of a perfect Uchi Mata! 15″×17″, dual handles. From dojo to downtown in style.



Philadelphia Judo Club – Drawstring Bag: Show off your Judo pride with a bag that’s as dynamic as an Osoto Gari! This drawstring bag, inspired by the throws and holds of judo, is perfect for stowing your gi, belt, and the spirit of Philadelphia’s finest dojo. Whether you’re headed to the mats or the streets, this bag ensures you carry the essence of judo with you.

• Crafted from sturdy material, made to endure rigorous randoris
• Dimensions: 15″ × 17″ – spacious for all your training essentials
• Dual cotton handles, for a grip as solid as your kuzushi
• Secure drawstring closure to keep your gear safe and ready.

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