Philadelphia Judo Club – Love Judo Drawstring Bag

Philadelphia Judo Club – Love Judo Bag: Showcase your love for throws & holds! 15″×17″, strong handles. Carry the spirit of judo.



Philadelphia Judo Club – Love Judo Drawstring Bag: Celebrate your passion for judo and wear your heart on your bag! Every throw, grip, and breakfall is symbolized in this dynamic design, epitomizing the spirit of the Philadelphia Judo Club. Whether you’re packing for a rigorous randori or a day out, this bag radiates judo love.

• Made from resilient material, prepared to stand up against even the toughest Uchi Mata
• Dimensions: 15″ × 17″ – spacious enough for all your judo essentials
• Dual cotton handles, ensuring a grip as firm as a Kesa Gatame
• Secure drawstring closure, safeguarding your belongings like a tatami mat.

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