Philadelphia Judo Club – Square PJC Judo Patch

Philadelphia Judo Club Square PJC Patch: Judo pride in every thread. 26% cotton, 74% poly; 3″x3″. Iron, sew, or pin. Embody the judo spirit.



Philadelphia Judo Club – Square PJC Judo Patch: Wear your allegiance to the Philadelphia Judo Club with pride. This impeccably designed square patch embodies the spirit and technique of Judo, making it a staple for every devoted judoka. Adorn your gi, backpack, or gear, and let your commitment to the martial way shine.

• Intricately crafted from a blend of 26% cotton and a robust 74% polyester
• Measures a striking 3″ x 3″ (7.6 cm x 7.6 cm) – poised to make an impact
• Diverse attachment methods: Iron for the precision of a swift Osoto Gari, sew for the dedication of a long-lasting hold, or pin for flexibility in all your moves.

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